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Love You Seven Times

Rating 10
Status: Ongoing Released: Aug 10, 2023 - Sep 6, 2023 Country: Type: TV Episodes: 38
Love You Seven Times, a brand-new fantasy drama in Chinese that explores the rich and many facets of Chinese culture, made its debut on Thursday. The show topped iQIYI's worldwide drama rankings and rose to the top Chinese drama in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam because to its novel-based plot and outstanding cinematography. The 38-episode drama is an illustration of the popular literary form known as the endless style, which incorporates numerous themes and worldviews. Xiangyun, a young god of love, and Chukong, a god of battle, who unintentionally fall in love with one another, are the main characters. Before they can be together, they must go through seven distinct realms. Yang Chaoyue and Ding Yuxi, two up-and-coming performers in China, both appear in the drama. According to the drama's chief producer Wang Yixu, he wished to showcase the distinctive Chinese aesthetics to both home and foreign viewers. Through our efforts, I believe that Chinese culture will win over the hearts of the entire globe, Wang added. The usage of xiangyun, or auspicious clouds, a traditional Chinese emblem of good and wealth, is one of the drama's highlights. Numerous forms of auspicious clouds, including soaring clouds modelled after the Dunhuang murals in the Mogao Caves, are included in the drama. "The patterns of the auspicious clouds not only represent luck and fortune, but also create a romantic visual experience," Wang claimed. Red, which in traditional Chinese culture represents luck and good fortune, is also lavishly used in the drama. Another appealing aspect of the show are the costumes, which blend traditional design with fantastical features. To demonstrate the richness and complexity of Chinese culture, the designers used a variety of traditional Chinese techniques, including kesi, a silk tapestry, and suxiu, an embroidery style from East China's Jiangsu Province. Even UNESCO has acknowledged the latter of these methods as intangible cultural heritages. The drama's depiction of the Lantern Festival, which captures the joyous and vivacious mood of Chinese holidays, is one of its most aesthetically stunning moments. In order to create a fantastic spectacle, the crew manually produced 1,000 lanterns and included lion dancing, fire displays, and shadow plays. There are other details to consider, according to Wang. Wang wants to help the world fall in love with Chinese culture in addition to telling excellent Chinese stories. He stated that he intended to make Love You Seven Times available to foreign audiences in even more international areas. Wang has made previous attempts to penetrate the international market. Additionally, Love between Fairy and Devil, another popular Netflix drama that received high ratings across a number of nations and regions, was produced by him. According to Wang, the Asian fairy tale provides an original experience for worldwide readers since it cuts across cultural divides and piques interest in Chinese culture abroad. "Excellent Chinese stories and cultural content can appeal to audiences not only in China, but also in other parts of the world," he claimed. The audience had high expectations for the show's graphics, so Yang said she was thrilled to hear from them. She remarked, "I hope people can sense that too. I want to explore more options in drama and learn more about myself. Ding claimed that Chukong's fascinating backstory and nuanced personality had drawn him in. "The two main characters experience seven tragedies, each of which leaves them with a distinct identity and set of memories. Although portraying the characters may be difficult, I will do my best," he remarked.

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